Why buy in Grimentz now ?

Grimentz is a village of enormous charm, sweeping alpine views, extensive snow-sure skiing and long sunny summers. The heart of this 15th century village is beautifully preserved, and it is for good reason that it is often voted one of Switzerland’s most charming resorts.

As a year round destination it offers excellent family skiing on-piste and extensive backcountry and ski-touring possibilities. There is even a helipad for access to some stunning descents in the region. In the summer, there are hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails and dedicated biking trails, mountain huts to visit, vineyards to sample in the valley, via ferrata and extraordinary rock climbing and mountaineering possibilities. The charm of the village also comes to the fore, bedecked in geraniums, and with artist markets, wine-tastings and cultural visits.

But it is also an interesting time to be investing in the resort. Though still relatively undiscovered, over recent years Grimentz has gradually become better known and is on an upward development curve. Internal investment by the lift company planned for the coming years is significant – new restaurants, lifts and snow-making facilities will further improve a stunning ski area. Whilst in the village a thermal baths, a renovated 4 star hotel and 4 or 5 new restaurants should see the light in the next 3 to 5 years.

Finally, the ban on the construction of new second homes in Switzerland (see below) means that the stock of properties for sale in years to come will be limited only to resales, of which there are relatively few.

The easiest way to get a second home in Switzerland.
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A guide to buying in Switzerland

In an uncertain world, Switzerland has long been a country offering the stability and certainty appreciated by investors looking for a safe haven. The Swiss economy has managed the Covid problems well and interest rates are at historic lows, making a long-term investment here an attractive option for many buyers.

Property purchases by non-resident foreigners

Non-resident foreigners are allowed to own one second-home in Switzerland and there is a national quota every year as to the numbers allowed to make a purchase. Foreign owners are expected to use their property for at least 3 weeks a year and are not allowed to resell for 5 years.

The purchase process is remarkably simple with one notary acting for both parties and ensuring all the necessary paperwork is carried out according to law and inscribed at the land registry office. Here in Valais the legal costs for the buyer, including stamp duty, of a property purchase come to 3% of the purchase price.

Mortgages can be arranged through local banks at remarkably low interest rates (currently around 1%). Banks will typically lend up to 70% of the purchase price, or 50% for properties valued above CHF 2.5 million. When you take out a mortgage in Switzerland, a notary has to draw up a mortgage bond document, which costs about 1% of the mortgage value.

Second home restrictions

In 2012 the Swiss voted to restrict the construction of second homes: a rule which applies to the Swiss as well as to foreign buyers. As such we are now coming to the last of those new build properties which had been authorised to be built as second homes prior to the vote passing. It is no longer possible to buy a plot of land and build a chalet on it, unless you plan to use it as your primary residence.

However, properties purchased as second homes can be resold without restrictions.

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